Spring Break Eating

Spring Break is just around the corner. Whether you are heading home or to a sunny vacation spot with friends, Spring Break marks the bittersweet end of those long, grey days wearing coats, sweatpants, and boots or snuggling up by to a warm bowl of mac and cheese. It’s (tragically) time to say goodbye to our favorite winter foods (Pizza House, you will always have my heart) and hello to salad. Gross. But don’t worry! There is no way we are sacrificing flavor for function. Here are eleven healthy snack and recipe ideas to get you Spring Break-ready, while still enjoying the world’s greatest pleasure: food.

1.    Start your day off right with this delicious and easy breakfast. Grab a piece of toast and smother it with peanut or almond butter. Top with fresh fruit of your choice. Easy and delicious!


2. “Pudding” cup. We can always dream. Grab some greek yogurt and add your favorite toppings. Dark chocolate, raspberries, and nuts are all healthy and satisfying options!


3.    Avocado + Toast. Self explanatory.


4.    Need a snack? Try this recipe for a healthy alternative to chips and pretzels.


5.    Craving Chinese take out? How about this healthy alternative that is super easy to make!


6.    Healthy veggie wrap? Why not. Recipe here.


7.    Want a light lunch? Well not really, but this fill you up and keep you going. Cheese, crackers, tomatoes and veggies.


8.    And because pizza will ALWAYS be worth it…try this Pita Pizza.


9.    And we don’t plan on giving up Mac and Cheese any time soon. Try this recipe.


10.   And for dessert? Peanut butter microwave cake. Recipe here.


11. And for later? Healthy Caramel Popcorn! Recipe here.